Valerie divides her time between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Ponce Inlet, Florida. She has active studios in both locations. Her work is in numerous public collections including Wachovia Bank, GlaxoSmithKline Corporation, Burlington Industries, the Herbert Johnson Museum in Ithaca, New York, Blue Cross of Philadelphia, and the Delaware Museum of Art, Wilmington, Delaware as well as Cornell University and Yale University. Her most recent commission was in 2002 installed in the Rita J. Kaplan Breast Imaging Center at Bellevue Hospital, New York City. The painting, “Lake of Life”, oil and acrylic is 96”x36”, a landscape based on the lake view from the Kaplan estate in Pike County, Pennsylvania. Valerie Seligsohn also served as a member of the College of Architecture, Art & Planning Advisory Council at Cornell University from 1988 to 1993. In 1994 her work was exhibited in retrospective tracing her painting career from 1964-1994 also at Cornell. Recently she participated in an exhibition and panel program at Cornell in June, 2004. Having recently been one of the featured artists in the invitational exhibition, "Vessels, Containers of Life" at the Ormand Memorial Museum and Gardens in Ormand Beach, Florida (OMAM), she is now preparing for a solo exhibition scheduled at the Art League of Daytona Beach for February, 2006; recently she was the award judge for the Trustees Exhibition of this great Florida institution. She will be continuing her work as Central Florida Director for PennDesign Alumni Association, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.